PJ's Childminding

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EYFS ---These are the areas that OFSTED ask us to cover in a childs development

at the Early Years Foundation Stage of their life to encourage the following areas.

C.L. (communication & Language

P.S.E.D (Personal Social & Emotional Develeopment)

U.of W. (Understanding of the World)

P.D. (Physical Development)

L (Literacy)

M (Mathematics)

E.A.D. (Expressive Arts & Design)

This, in theory means that all Children who attend, are encouraged to develop and are constantly monitored through a series of play based learning ideas,to develop all aspects of their well being & to help ensure a great start in life, which encourages children to develop at a natural and steady rate, through such activities as: Mark Making-Messy Play-Music Time-Outdoor Fun-Colour Matching-Discover & Do Etc.